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Felicia Sullivan

CIRCLE @ Tisch College, Tufts University
Senior Researcher
Medford, MA

Felicia Sullivan is Senior Researcher at CIRCLE’ where she works on diverse projects. Her CIRCLE Working Paper “New and Alternative Assessments, Digital Badges, and Civics: An Overview of Emerging Themes and Promising Directions” and a recent fact sheet, “A National Survey of Civics and U.S. Government Teachers” (with S. Godsay) are example of the types of projects Felicia has worked on. She is also responsible for bringing to life CIRCLE’s data maps and provided leadership for the All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement report’s open online seminar. In addition to CIRCLE’s youth engagement work, Felicia also engages in research related Tisch College’s civic renewal efforts.

Felicia is particularly versed in out-of-school time civic and political learning environments, the tools and processes associated with technology-enabled learning, institutional and organizational design as it relates to civic engagement, as well as uses of media, arts, technology, and culture for civic action. Felicia has a doctorate in public policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston and holds Master degrees in media studies and public policy. Her chapter on cultivating leaders in out-of-school time programs for the edited volume, New Directions for Student Leadership, was recently published by Wiley.